I failed you in life. Remember that.
Your end a dandy's opera show
By your own hand, marmalade gun
Once more I shall fail, fail, fail you
In a den of sin we met, a den of sin
My name is Pablo, I said. You, Carles.
By the grape, by our idols we sore
That brothers we were, brothers we’ll be
Like Huck and Tom, David and Jonathan
‘twas all it took to commence it all
A thousand cups of wine
To woo your virgin fair
A thousand opium pipes
To mourn your maiden’s spurn
One for her and one for you
Bullets that you count ‘til two
And you bit one but she forsook
‘twas all it took to cease it all
Here and now
My world is blue and green
Sorry, sorry, and sorry
Is all I can say to you


The minstrel
I miss him dearly
That nicotine stained breath
And the sound of his guitar
The bachelor, the socialite
Their lips creased into a smile
Ever hopeful and ever loyal
To the virtue of our friendship
The wordsmith
He taught me his craft
Molded me, shaped me
Like clay chiseled unto marble
Then came the rebel
Champion of the downtrodden
Living, breathing for justice alone
For which he has sold his soul away
But there you are, all of you
Seated by my bedside as I die
It seemed to me only yesterday
The laughter, the juvenile quips
Until one day it all ceased to be

Waning Joy

Stupefying ecstasy
Detonates like hexanite
Against the stern of my skull
In a heartbeat frazzled and faded
And turned to languid rapture
Only memory remains and lingers
That is left of our orgasm almighty
For your shrill, evanescent moans
I cannot treasure nor muse nor love


I want you
Like a crown upon my head
I want you more than life itself
The moon was rising
Behind frosted panes of glass
When you stood before me
Bare and coy like a temptress
And beautiful as a fallen angel
Tucked into bed, I undressed
The vile cold stung me like a bee
Yet you held me tightly like a babe
It was all you
The thaw, the kiss, the caress
When your tongue struck mine
I thrusted myself inside of you
'Til you did moan, moan, moan
Then you lied beside me, wheezing
I, intoxicated with your breath I inhale
Blood rushing like fire through my veins

Kiss Her Fondly

Your heart, it skips a beat
Then again, and another
Like a broken vinyl disc
You want her, and she?
Does she want you back
Try to lean a little closer
Palms on her shoulders
Or her back, or her waist
Or none at all if you so wish
Lips on lips
Tongue against tongue
See that this happens
While you are young
For gaping is the hole
In your lonesome heart
Torn ajar. apart, and asunder
Like a watermelon yet to ripe
Love, love, and love
It ought not be there
For a kiss is all this is

Fatal Breath

Sweet it must be to bite Fritz Haber's air
To bathe in flame inside the dragon's lair
For I to croak without pain in Passchendaele
Drown in tears you may or drown in ale
Know I'm only forlorn, and I mean you no ill
I had lived, I had ached, I shall die by the wind
Glory be to me, a transient in the trench I am