Fleeting Nights

Dreaming the night away brings me so far away
One night was London, then southwards I began
I, the wayfarer in my dreams, hated and naked
Walking, walking, 'til I knew that in Lisbon I was
My arms, legs, cold and numb as a mannequin
But beyond them all was my waking eye
Conjuring echoes of the catcher in the rye
Light of day, why chase me in the shadows?
Cometh the dawn, I am numb, dead, empty
I, the silhouette beneath your blinding rays
Awaiting silently the storms, the thunders
To absolve me of you, the reaper of dreams
Yet the goddess of night, ever true to her will
She shall return, fair in my dreams as ever
Swallowing all the world with great darkness
Knowing no bounds, no horizons across the sea

The Lone Wolf

Calm and lorn, yet I long
To fly into the eventide
Silent as a further, I shall
Graze through distant stars
Past all the darkness, emptiness
Of what had been left behind
Mine an undying soul, free
From the clutch of mortal toil
But alas, none shall ever sow
The meadows of heaven
Naught in me or you is safe
From the fate of the flesh
One day, our palms
Forevermore shall cease to feel
And like the leaves of autumn
Wither back into ash and dust
From dusk 'til dawn, I recall
All the bliss that once was
But the cruel waves wash away
All the hope I had in the sands
And like scrawls on the beach
I no longer can recognize
All I see is a void, an emptiness
Binding me evermore to dubiety
Devoid of light, within—
The wraith-world I must dwell
Everyone a shade of grey
Hints of shadows in the mist
There I am in the shroud
Far beyond your toxic reach
For the lone wolf has no pack
And the sheep follow the blind