I failed you in life. Remember that.
Your end a dandy's opera show
By your own hand, marmalade gun
Once more I shall fail, fail, fail you
In a den of sin we met, a den of sin
My name is Pablo, I said. You, Carles.
By the grape, by our idols we sore
That brothers we were, brothers we’ll be
Like Huck and Tom, David and Jonathan
‘twas all it took to commence it all
A thousand cups of wine
To woo your virgin fair
A thousand opium pipes
To mourn your maiden’s spurn
One for her and one for you
Bullets that you count ‘til two
And you bit one but she forsook
‘twas all it took to cease it all
Here and now
My world is blue and green
Sorry, sorry, and sorry
Is all I can say to you

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