The Other Shore

The Lethe
Spilling languidly, dead silent
Into the horizon, misty and grey
Stray soul absconding
Away from fate, from hell itself
Rowing, rowing the oars across
The river, that river, stupefaction
Tides rising, waves crashing
His hurricane now brewing
Fetters unseen, binding, binding
Hauling him back whence he began
Peril! Peril! Achtung!
Now losing light, now losing hope
They heed him not, that utter fool
Dancing, dancing blissfully from
Beyond the mist, the other shore
See, it was he, it was he
Who dug his own grave
Oh indeed, it was he, it was he
May he see no peace nor rest
Help! Help! Hilfe!
Billows smashing, raft sinking
Murky waters coming forth
Swallowing, gnawing, chewing
Now diving, now drowning
Racing, racing to the other shore
Heartbeat ceasing, dying breath
Fading, fading, fading into nothing
Splash, splash—he's alive
Gasping, wheezing, panting
Inhale, exhale, for air, for air, for air
But where, oh where, has he gone now?

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