Once Upon An Evenfall

Saint Petersburg
He's no more a city than my friend
Dressing up in white upon the eve
Turning all his windows to the west
Then comes evenfall
Falling upon him like a blanket
Darker than coal, speckled in stars
Yet he's nigh alone and so am I
When all that I have grown to love
Has forsaken us for the dachas
It hurts
They may not know my face
Nor my name or that I even exist
But their pale, fleshy faces I have
Known by heart and by mind
It's true
Whenever they are cheerful
My lips neatly folds into a smile
Yet as tears flow down their cheeks
So does my face become a frown
Naught ever stays with me
That is a proven, undeniable fact
My old friend across the street
This innocent, little pink house
Was painted yellow as a canary
Perhaps to spite me, make me ill
Yet absolve him I did
Strolling past this old friend
I could hear cries; cries of agony
They spared nothing of me, he'd say
Hours passed like the wind
Then the streets of Saint Petersburg
Rid itself of its men, women, and children
Leaving nothing but cobblestone
Amorous street lamps here and there
Late was the hour
The way home twisted, turned,
Running alongside the embankment
Of this fetid, disease ridden canal
Singing to myself
I skipped from stone to stone
Like an innocent child, or a madman
Then suddenly, a figure in the distance
She donned this awkward yellow hat
And that bewitching, black mantilla
I listened to her
That poor thing, crying, whimpering
My heart sank for her as it often did
Yet upon locking our eyes together
She flew past me like a wild dove
In her way was a gentleman
No less a stranger to her than I
Walking subtly against the wall
Like a lion, stalking its next prey
The girl gasped in terror
She skipped breath after breath
Lifting her skirt as she hurried away
But the man strode faster than a bullet
She cried out, trembling and panting
Fight, flight, fright
Leaping miles across the street
The girl and I, moving side by side
Give me your hand, I whispered
And he won't bother us anymore

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