Dear Mommy

If there is justice then I should not be
Throw me, throw me, throw me away
Into the sea, into the void; I don't care
For a scrounger I am who cannot give back
Perhaps it's selfishness, or maybe impotence
But what does it matter? Be rid of me now
Dear mommy, let me tell you what I know
In your womb was a wanton thorn, begetting
You agony 'til that fateful hour, when they
Took it out of you with their rubber gloves
And their bloodstained instruments of silver
Right then you knew: your world has changed
Oh your dreams, your dreams, mourn them
I have taken your wings before you could fly
But you cherished me like a rose in the snow
Knowing well I cannot do the same for you
Sated is my belly and gilded is my life
That is all because of you, dear mommy

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